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Introduction to Security Operation Center

If you’re a fan of “CSI: Cyber”, you can see their well-equipped facility. It also houses cybersecurity experts. That is what a Security Operations Center or SOC looks like. As technology advances, SOC has become available as a service. Another term for this is “SOC as a service” or SOCaaS. We’ll be using the friendlier term “SOC as a service” instead in this article.
SOC as a Service
Enterprise Strategy Group conducted a survey in 2018. 51% of the respondents claim that their organization has an IT skills shortage. A lot of this happens to fall under cybersecurity. Many businesses are at risk due to this skill shortage. SOC as a service is one good solution. Finding the best SOC provider should be a priority.

You will know more about SOC as a service in the upcoming sections of this article. You will also know why a security operation center is important. You will also know the benefits of using a security operation center. You will see the importance of using Xcitium’s cWatch MDR aka Xcitium SOC as a service (SOCaaS).


SOC-as-a-service is offered as a subscription- or software-based service to steer clear of the latest security threats in the online world. SOC (Security Operations Center) is a facility that houses a security team for monitoring and protecting an organization’s security posture. The centers have security analysts and engineers who oversee security operations using sophisticated programs and analytical tools.

To better illustrate what SOC as a service means, take a look at the below simple analogy table:

Security Operations Center’s equipment+The expertise of cybersecurity professionals=SOC as a service

Instead of hiring expensive cybersecurity staff, you can partner with a SOC provider. This saves you time and a lot of money.

A SOC provider handles the security of your organization instead. If you’re a fan of “The A-Team”, then they are your cybersecurity team. The search for the best SOC provider is a challenging task. There are certain things you should keep in mind when choosing the best SOC provider for you:

  1. The services should be customizable according to business requirements or needs.
  2. Each organization has its own unique security requirements. The best SOC provider keeps in mind the following:

    • The best SOC provider keeps in mind your main business goals.
    • The best SOC provider looks at the origin of your organization’s incident reports.
    • The best SOC provider takes into consideration your operating environment or workplace.
    • The best SOC provider knows the duration of maintaining your data.
  3. SOC as a service should bring constant growth.
    • The best SOC provider should be able to adapt to the growing needs of their clients.
    • The best SOC provider can adapt to the evolving threat landscape.
    • The best SOC provider works with you in understanding threats and resolutions.
  4. SOC as a service complies with security standards.
    • The best SOC provider is compliant with standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA among others.
  5. Continuous network and cloud monitoring
    • The best SOC provider provides network monitoring and vulnerability scanning 24/7.
  6. Threat containment
    • The best SOC provider can identify and contain threats as soon as it appears. This can be manual or automated.
  7. Scalable Foundation
    • The best SOC provider knows how to adjust available storage and computing resources.
    • The best SOC provider is always a step ahead of cybercriminals.

Introduction to SOC Service

The demand for cybersecurity experts has been increasing over the years. Data breaches occur because of a lack of security, awareness, and implementation. Addressing your organization’s security infrastructure is important and necessary. and necessary. Xcitium’s cWatch MDR (Managed Detection and Response) is one of the best SOC providers out there.

They will help you reduce your business costs. Each individual has their own salary rate. Hiring individual experts would cost more. SOC as a service is a cost-effective security solution. cWatch MDR team consists of highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals. They use state-of-the-art equipment as well.

Here are the important benefits you get from using SOC as a service:

  1. Using SOC as a service will also cut down the costs of expensive technology. Combating cybercriminals requires hardware equipment and software tools. These are all set up outside your business. This is the same with cloud technology where the equipment comes from the provider.
  2. cWatch MDR has access to advance technology. They can do powerful threat scanning. They do data visualization and analysis, statistical correlations, and data pivoting. They have access to the world’s largest database of threat intelligence. This means they receive threat intelligence feeds from various sources. This includes both internal and external security intelligence.
  3. cWatch MDR makes use of cloud-based Security Information and Event Management or SIEM. This is a combination of Security Information Management and Security Event Management. The nature of Its design focuses on threat detection and response automation.
  4. cWatch MDR is one of the best SOC as a service provider that can prevent zero-day attacks from happening. They achieve this through cloud security intelligence. This consists of network logs from various organizations.
  5. cWatch MDR also offers threat detection, removal, and prevention for your business. cWatch MDR services also include the following:
    • Managed Network Detection and Response
    • Managed Endpoint Detection and Response
    • Managed Web Detection and Response
    • Managed Cloud Detection and Response
  6. cWatch MDR uses artificial intelligence for Managed Detection and Response or MDR. The AI learns from the decisions of a human security analyst.


You now know about SOC as a service. You also learn the essential things to look for when partnering with the best security operation center provider. You understood the importance and benefits of using SOC as a service. cWatch MDR consists of highly-skilled cybersecurity experts that protect your business 24/7. They’re currently one of the best SOC providers today. Sign up now and request a free MDR trial!

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